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PD Series CNC Hybrid Servo Press Brake

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● Innovative servo drive system, very simple cylinder interface, no external pipeline

● Advanced composite drive technology, with high efficiency, energy saving, noise reduction advantages

● The CNC system is standard six axes (X,Y1,Y2,Z1,Z2,R)

● Mechanical crowning compensation

● Equipped with imported linear guide and ball screw,the precision of the positioning accuracy is high

● Foot pedal with emergency stop

● Low noise. Less power consumption

● Fast production on smaller work pieces

● Positioning accuracy 0.02mm、repeated positioning accuracy 0.01mm、bending accuracy≤0.5º

--Main servo motor

 Servo motor largely saves the energy,and the machine will be with low noise.

--Mechanical crowning compensation

According to the bending sheet’s process state,CNC system control the deflection compensation amount of the worktable, and in the case of machine's partial load can also be effective compensation to achieve the angle uniform for full length of the workpiece.

--Main components

● DELEM DA66T controller
● Servo motor of backgauge:ESTUN
● Servo driver:ESTUN
● Main servo motor:INOVANCE
● Hydraulic system: HAWE
● Oil cylinder: HeYan(First brand of China)
● Main seals:PARKER
● Ball screw&Linear guide:HIWIN
● Mould:LIYUAN
● Fast clamp:PUSHI
● Oil tube’s joint:EMB
● Grating ruler:FAGOR
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