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Plate & Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

2020-08-19 13:02:43   

New Model CNC plate & tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
1. Positioning of tube clamping: The front chuck is made of special aluminum material, which reduces the rotation inertia and adopts dual-drive rotation to achieve forward and backward rotation synchronization.
2. Equipped with FScut high-end numerical control system, to meet the requirements of long-term processing accuracy; upper and lower exchangeable table, shorten the standby time, the drawer-type material collecting device allows more convenient collection, effectively improve the efficiency of more than 50%;
3. Cutting stability: cutting long-distance workpieces can be carried out by the movement of Y2 axis NC chuck, machine doesn’t shake during cutting.
4. The convenience of operation: automatic drift correction function, automatic tube center finding function, very smart, convenient and practical;
5. Extensible: In addition to cutting sheet, in the tube industry can be widely used in cutting: round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, flared tube etc. The largest round tube to be processed can be up to 325mm, and square tube up to 230mmX230mm;
6. Accessories of high precision : Adopt alpha precision racks, precision grade is Japanese standard JIS2, the maximumdegree of equality of the whole tube cutting machine installation is 0.04mm, adopts imported guide transmission mechanism and servo motor, imported ball screw TBI, linear guide rail HIWIN, to achieve high cutting accuracy and ensure high speed, high precision, high reliability of the equipment;
7. Machine tool: 600 °C high temperature heat treatment, 12-meter gantry milling, 24 hours cooling inside the furnace, to ensure that the machine does not deform after long-term use. Rack and guide rails use full-seal protective equipment to prevent oil-free collision movement and dust pollution, to increase the service life 
of the transmission parts and ensure the precision of the machine movement.