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How to choose CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

2021-04-25 10:51:53   

How to choose CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?
Recent years, fiber laser cutting technology, has been widely used. But many end user still confuse about how to choose the correct model. Hopefully below information is helpful:
1. The processing material and business scope
First of all, we have to consider carefully about the business scope and future market. For cnc fiber laser cutting machine, material for cutting, max. thickness, worktable size. And some other factors we need take into consideration, such as working capacity, fiber laser cutting job each day.
2. The initial choice of manufacturers
After confirming the cutting requirement. Then we can search for the laser cutting machine information on internet. To learn about the basic parameters and performance will be the second step. Making one cutting test & negotiating price with supplier. Then we can go to the factory to see it’s capacity of metal laser cutter.
3. The size of the laser power
Regarding the power choosing of fiber laser cutting machine, that’s the most important thing based on your material, max. thickness, also precision requirement. The cutting will much more beautiful with bigger power laser source. Especially, if your main material is high reflection material, such aluminum, brass, copper, then IPG and TRUMPF TruDisk laser source is highly recommended. Especially TruDisk, it’s specialized in the high reflection material cutting.
Besides, we also need to consider the future market, so bigger power is your best choice if your budget allowed.
4. Main elements of fiber laser cutting machine
Some important components, we also need pay much attention. Like the laser structure heat treatment, cutting head, servo motor, guide rail&rack, refrigeration system, etc., these components have a direct impact on cutting speed and accuracy of fiber laser cutting machine.
5. After-sales service
Every factory has its own service system, of course, the warranty time also different. In after-sales service, not only to provide effective daily maintenance programs for customer. More importantly, a professional training system to help customers get started as soon as possible.
A fiber laser cutting machine, no matter how good it is. The user will face variety of problems all the time. So it’s particularly Important whether manufacturer can provide solution in a short time. This is also an important factor to consider when choosing fiber laser cutting machine.
That means, a strong technician team is the most important also the basics of a good factory.