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How to choose a suitable Press brake?

2017-02-13 14:51:31   

1. Confirm pressure of press brake--processing material, max. thickness and length?
a. For example: mild steel, 6mm*3200mm, pressure=6*65(fixed number)*3.2/8=156Ton
b. Based on future plan of factory, will expand product or not

2. Control system--cnc press brake or hydraulic press brake?
a. Precision requirement of final product
b. Labor cost, Level
c. Function requirement--programme storage, angle programme, screen display(2D, 3D or without requirement)

3. Tooling
a. Standard four sides mould
b. customised, if you could supply drawing, then we can give you the most reasonable suggestion to save cost

4. Accessories
a. Mostly there're interesting phenomenon among suppliers in China also of customer, 99% buyers prefer Germany brand accessories, like Rexroth pump, valve, etc. for all kinds of model. But as you know, whatever you're given, you pay for. Actually, it's unnecessary to choose Germany brand for simple models, like simple press brake models without Y1 and Y2 axis.
b. More importantly, brand like Rexroth, it has high requirement for the working environment. If you use it in a dirty environment and careless for details(like motor 
reversal) , easy damaged. This is high cost for you, and affect production--big trouble for your company in local market.
c. Even you choose Rexroth pump or valve, but install it on a simple nc machine, it's useless. Just waste of your money.