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New Arrival Automatic Panel Bender Bending Center

2022-01-05 12:39:30   

Automatic Panel Bender, It has high quality, high speed and high efficiency bending function, and is generally suitable for automatic bending of box type sheet metal parts. CNC panel bending center adopts servo-controlled folding and pressing device, 400 kN bending force, 1000 kN pressing/hemming force. Open structure for easy side unloading.
The main motion of bending can be divided to 3 axis, which are respectively the pressing axis, up-and-down swinging axle and forward/backward moving axis. Under the control of CNC system, different motion paths can be run in any combination, thus forming different bending process combination.
Universal bending dies, bending machine adopt it to realize positive and negative angle bending, large arc, hemming bending, and high efficiency bending of complex section workpiece. Made of die steel, the die adopts high precision processing technology ensures the accuracy and reliability of bending, and the special manufacturing technology ensures the small wear of the die.

            1)positive bending                    2)negative bending                        3)hemming                         4)large arc.

Servo-driven bending device, three axis ganged, can achieve a variety of motion track efficient folding. For different materials, different thickness, system can automatically execute different gaps and trajectory. This equipment is energy-saving, environment-friendly, low energy consumption and low noise. Adopting advanced processing technology, processing efficiency is improved obviously, with stable and reliable mechanical structure. The pressing device adopts two-way servo pump control technology, with high speed and low energy consumption. Vertical motion to avoid the impact on the minimum size of the workpiece. The crowning compensation mechanism adopts the special patent structure and has the function of compensating the deformation of the horizontal crowning of die.

1. Technical specifications

  • Max. sheet metal size:2500*1250mm
  • Min. sheet metal size:400*145mm
  • Max. bending height:200mm
  • Max. bending length:2500mm
  • Max. diagonal dimentions:2800mm
  • Max. processing thickness:3.2mm(Q235A),2.5mm(SS),4mm(AL)
  • Min. processing thickness:0.5mm
  • Max. weight of platform:2000Kg
  • Max. height of platform:200mm(include wooden pallet)
  • Typical workpiece beat:about 25s(2000mm*750mm*t1.5mm 4 bending each side)

2. Bending specifications

Items Unit Specification Remark
Max. bending length mm 2500  
Max. bending thickness MS δb=410MPa
SS δb=660MPa
AL δb=265MPa
mm 3.2
Min. bending thickness mm 0.5  
Bending height mm 200  
Bending straightness mm/m ±0.1  
Thickness of curved arc - 0.8-1.2  
Positioning precision mm ±0.1  
Single step bending speed s 2.4 t=1.5mm, 90°

Automatic die changing device

It has functions of folding and avoiding, automatic combination and so on. It is convenient to process all kinds of box parts. The die changing device consists of an intermediate avoidance die, a standard segment die, a clutch moving device and a rotating insert die device.

 1)segment die driver  2)segment die  3)insert die  4)mediate avoid device  5)insert adjusting device

During bending box, the side edge of the first fold makes the pressing die unable to move up and down directly, so there must be avoidance action. The principle of process avoidance is that the middle avoidance die moves on both sides and the standard section die moves towards the middle so that the die passes over the folded two sides. It should be noted that due to the structural constraints, the corresponding width of the workpiece should be in line with the following table.

Bending workpiece parameters

Items Unit Value Sketch
X min mm 400+4t  
Z min mm 145+a+b+4t
H max mm 165
a,b(max)   45
c,d(max)   30

3. Manipulator

  • The functions of changing sides, rotating and moving are realized in the         horizontal plane
  • C-type structure, more flexible and freer space
  • Servo driver, linear guide, high precision
Bending manipulator has the function of positioning and rotary transportation of sheet metal. The utility model is composed of a central positioning device, a rotating device, a clamping device, a mobile conveying device and a base. After the sheet is in place, it realizes the function of centering and pressing, and cooperates with the main machine of folding to realize various folding process actions.

1)positioning device  2)rotating device  3)clamping device  4)moving bracket   5)holder

Positioning pushing device will place the plate to be folded in the X and Y directions, which can realize the pre-positioning between the plate and the machine tool. There are two groups of positioning blocks, which can locate the corner and the edge respectively. The combination has nine positioning functions, and the Y direction of the left and right positioning seat can be adjusted (+50mm) to adapt to the positioning function of various sheets.

Compressing device realizes reliable compaction by servo-driven screw driving connecting rod, and can realize reliable clamping of plates of different materials and thickness.

Rotating device realizes the rotation of the rotating block by servo driving motor and reducer. The high precision encoder realizes closed-loop control, and the rotation accuracy is stable and reliable.

4. Main technical specifications

 Items Name Specification   Unit
1 Maximum bending length 2500 mm
2 Maximum bending height 200 mm
3 Maximum diagonal dimension 2800 mm
4 Bending force 400(40)  KN(T)
5 Compressing force 1050(105)  KN(T)
6 Bending thickness MS  δb=410MPa 3.2 mm
SS  δb=660MPa 2.5 mm
AL  δb=265MPa 4.0 mm
7 Minimum bending thickness 0.5 mm
8 Maximum sheet size 2500 mm
9 Range of bending angle -130~130 °
10 Height of worktable 1020 mm
11 Max. feeding speed of manipulator 800 mm/s
12 Max. rotating speed of manipulator 50 rpm
13 Maximum speed of loading 500 mm/s
14 Range of side push dimensions 500-1250 mm
15 Side push speed 500 mm/s
16 Range of measurement device 0.5~5 mm
17 Sheet convey speed 800 mm/s
18 Maximum load of worktable 2000  Kg
 19 Maximum stacking height of worktable 200  Kg
20 Hydraulic system force 30 MPa
21 Average consumption 20 Kw
22 Air pressure  0.7   Mpa
 23 Air consumption 1500 NL/min
24 Dimensions Length 6000   mm
Width 4000   mm
Height 2650   mm
25 Weight of machine 25500   kg

5. Main structure and feature

Company independently designs, imported key drive and control parts. The unit mainly consists of loading pallet, loading device, plate conveying device, flanging machine, feeding machine, discharging device and electrical control system.
High strength frame
◆ The frame adopts an open "C" structure, which is good for opening. The frame is made of steel structural parts, and after welding, the internal stress is removed by tempering the large tempering furnace.
◆ By finite element analysis, the frame has high strength and low deformation
Mechanical servo bending system
◆ Using the link type flanging mechanism, high transmission rigidity and good precision can be achieved.
◆ Process adjustment is convenient. Under the control of numerical control system, various folding modes can be realized and have safety protection function.
◆ The stroke and speed of the servo folding beam can be adjusted according to the processing requirements, so that higher comprehensive folding efficiency and better folding quality can be achieved.
Standard worktable
◆ Composite steel ball, brush work table, reduce resistance and surface damage effectively.
◆ Tilting table is more convenient to maintain.

6. Main parts list
  Items Name Brand
  1 CNC system GermanySiemens
  2 Feeding servo motor and driver Germany siemens
  Linear guide and ball screw Taiwan PMI
  4 Air processing quad Japanese SMC/Germany FESTO/AIRTAC
  5 Two five-way solenoid valve, two three-way solenoid valve SMC
  6 Breaker, contactor Germany SIEMENS
  7 Button France Schneider
  9 Proximity switch Germany BALLUF